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Australian customers come to discuss cooperation

Recently, we are honored to welcome Australian customers to our factory for in-depth cooperation, which is not only an affirmation of our work, but also an expectation for our future development. During the communication process, the customer highly praised our products, technologies, and services, and highly recognized the flow laboratory. This cooperation negotiation not only enhanced the understanding and trust between the two parties, but also laid a solid foundation for our further cooperation in the future. Thanks again for the trust and support of the visiting customers, and look forward to more customers' visit and guidance, let us work together to create brilliance! Sincerely invite you and look forward to your visit!
21 2024/06


Customers from the company qualification, BAITE strength, product types, quality control, payment and delivery and other aspects of communication, for the follow-up cooperation to provide convenience.
20 2024/01

Kaifeng Baite 10th anniversary Celebration

10th birthday of Kaifeng Baite Flow Instrument Co., Ltd. On the road of our dreams, we move forward bravely, Climbing the peak bravely, we are not afraid of hardships, We united as one, worked tenaciously, and achieved outstanding results, We ride the wind and waves and go forward bravely to pursue our dreams.
18 2022/03

Vortex Flowmeter Troubleshooting-2024.01.20

Fault 1: There is flow in the pipeline, but the sensor has no output or the intelligent flow totalizer does not display: A. First make sure there is flow in the pipeline and it is greater than the lower limit of the sensor's measurable flow rate. B. Check whether the internal wiring of the instrument is incorrect or broken: The method is to check the wiring or hit the pipe with a hammer or wooden stick, adjust the calculator to the display frequency, and see if there is a frequency display. If there is a display, the wiring is correct. If there is no frequency display, the circuit may be wrong and the circuit needs to be checked. C. To judge whether the amplifier is good or bad: The method is to remove the probe wire from the amplification board and see if the sensor has output or if the intelligent flow totalizer has a 50HZ frequency display. If there is no output, you need to replace the amplification board. If there is output, It means the amplifier is normal. D. Determine the quality of the sensor: The method is to remove the two leads of the sensor head from the amplification board, and use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the two leads of the sensor head and the resistance of the two leads of the sensor head to the shell. It should be greater than 2MΩ, otherwise the sensor head needs to be replaced. E. If there is no problem with the sensor, check whether the pressure transmitter and platinum thermal resistor are damaged. First, check whether the pressure and temperature display on the calculator are correct. If there are no problems, it can be judged that the intelligent flow calculator is damaged. Fault 2: There is no flow in the pipeline, but the sensor has output or the intelligent flow totalizer displays: A. Check whether the vibration of the sensor installation position is too large. If the vibration is too large, consider installing a vibration reduction bracket. B. Poor grounding of the instrument causes interference. C. Removed in small signal removal equipment. Fault 3: The flow in the pipeline is normal, but the instrument shows that the flow swings too much: A.Incorrect or improper installation B. The trigger sensitivity or gain of the amplifier is improperly adjusted, and the DIP switch needs to be adjusted appropriately.  
20 2024/01

Unlocking the Power of Magnetic Flow Meters in Water Industry

Discover the incredible capabilities and benefits of magnetic flow meters in the water industry. Learn how this innovative technology is revolutionizing water measurement and management to ensure more
18 2024/06

Exploring the Benefits of Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Discover the key features and advantages of handheld ultrasonic flowmeters in the field of instrumentation and measurement for gas and liquid flow. Learn how this innovative device can improve accurac
28 2024/05
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